Worth Buying Product – Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is the best machine available in town for indoor uses. It contains number of advance features that ordinary rowing machines lack. The machine is designed to mimic the action of rowing by involving all body muscles. It performs number of functions at a time e.g. fat burning, muscle toning and muscle building etc. If you are wandering here and there in search for accessible, affordable and available fitness machine then stop wasting your time and energy. As concept2 model D is the best rowing machine for home use.

Review of Enchanting Features of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine:

Here is the review of advance features of concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine that distinguish it from all other rowing machine available in market:

Performance Monitor

Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine includes performance monitor PM3 or PM4.Now its up to you to select monitor that better suits your interests about machine speed, distance, and calories burnt, time duration etc. To increase the visibility of monitor adjustable monitor arms are present with which you can change the position of screen.

Efficient Dampers for Adjusting Airflow

Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine give you control to adjust the resistance and exertion power as you want to maintain it. The thing that gives you control is the presence of spiral shape dampers which efficiently direct the airflow to flying machine for changing resistance and exertion power.

Flywheel Design for Noise Control

The flywheel structure present in concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is designed in such a way to produce minimum noise while operating. Thus, flying machine design provides you more enjoyable and quieter workout.

Easy Assembling

It takes hardly half an hour to assemble the concept2 model D indoor rowing machine. Along with machine a manual is givenin which assembling instructions with diagrams are given that help you to assemble the machine within short span of time.

Easy Storage

Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine has unique frame lock mechanism that helps you separate the machine into two things for easy storage.

Adjustable Ergonomic Handles and Footrests
This rowing machine has adjustable ergonomic handles that can bend to 10 degrees and provide natural arm flow to the user. It also has wide footrest that is sufficient for wide range sizes.
Less Lubrication Need Because of Nickel Plating
All the chains and problematic areas of machine that can produce friction are nickel plated so that you do not need to lubricate machine every time you do workout.
Stainless Steel Smooth Track
In order to provide smooth sliding of seat on track it is made up of stainless steel track. Stainless steel provides efficient sliding with minimum friction effects. Moreover, seat with ball bearing rollers easily slide on stainless steel track.
Well Designed and Durable
Each and every feature of concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is designed while giving preference to comfort level of the user. Either it is seat material, machine frame, rollers, resistance motion or any other feature quality material is used that make it durable. You can use it for years without facing any maintenance difficulty due to its resilience.
Money Back Guarantee
Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine gives you 2 years money back guarantee. In case you find any problem in assembling or any other problem you can get benefit of warranty.
Easy Programming
Operating concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is an easy task. There is no complex programming is used that confuse the user. From seats to rollers and sliding tracks everything is smooth and in running position.
Best for Home Use
Model D indoor rowing machine is best for home use as it is light in weight and occupies less space.

Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is the top class product that ensures your fitness and brings appreciable weight loss. Its regular use provides full body workout that not only burn fats at a faster pace but also builds and tone muscles.
Pros and Cons of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine:
Following are some pros and cons of concept2 model D indoor rowing machine:
  • Floor protectors are present
  • Floor protectors are present
  • Offers Smooth Sliding
  • Light in Weight
  • Occupy Less Space
  • Provides full body workout
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Well designed
  • High comfort level
  • Easy To Lubricate
  • Sometimes assembling takes time
  • Spare parts of this machine are not readily available in market.
  • Over exercise leads to severe back injury or thighs.
  • Limited weight bearing capacity
If you are looking for excellent quality product within affordable rates then concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is the best option for you. Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine is no doubt the best fitness machine as its regular use helps you to overcome obesity and its weight related problems.

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