NordicTrack Review and Guide

NordicTrack is always finding new and innovative ways to enhance their workout machines; the all new NordicTrack RW 200 rower is a perfect testimony to this fact. This machine is equipped with 20 workout applications which promise to provide you complete workout guidance. RW200 brings to you low impact cardiovascular training in the finest form. The rowing training is categorized under the old school classic training methods but RW 200 has revived this form. This machine also comes with a built-in entertainment console and has an iPod compatible sound system. The machine can be set to a variety of resistance modes ranging from light resistance to heavy resistance so it would not disappoint any beginner. This machine has been optimized over the years to become one of the most amazing gadgets to look out for especially for individuals well interested in having their body in top shape always.

NordickTrack RW200 Rowing Machine ReviewNordickTrack Rowing Machine RW200
The NordicTrack RW200 is a high-end model which comes at a price pretty nominal for a machine with the list of features it has so when you buy it, you basically pay less than what a machine with these features should cost. Many times, inexperienced and naive buyers will purchase a machine based on low prices found on a cheesy infomercial or commercial that offers promo codes, coupons, or another act of sale deception (not that NordicTrack doesn’t offer a discount or coupon every so often). They end up paying much more in the long run with a poor quality product that often needs a replacement. This article gives you a detailed description of the NordicTrack RW200, the way to use it, pros and cons.

Why NordicTrack RW200?

A V-shape body is a dream of every Gym enthusiast. Both males and females strive hard to achieve the V shape but not all succeed. There is no secret code to getting this V. It comes with hard work. Rowing exercise makes your lat work, which when well developed gives a stunning V shape to your back, like those that elite pro athletes such as Jillian Michaels or The Rock sport. In the process of rowing your triceps, biceps and deltoids are used so it would not be wrong to say that rowing exercise develops your full body. The machine is designed to specifically work your core strength and increase your heart rate.

Not all the trainees have had a pleasant experience with rowing exercises. That’s where RW200 comes to your rescue. The RW200 has been loaded with the most amazing features which make you enjoy your training. Old school rowing takes around a year to see the results. That is particularly due to its design. The results can be seen faster on the new RW200.

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NordickTrack RW200 Performance Review:

1. Storage:
A convenient feature of this machine is that is can fold into a very small machine. The rower uses NordicTrack’s convenient and patented Spacesaver design which allows it to be folded vertically which makes it pretty easy to clean. The machine has wheels which make it easy to relocate. The machine folds vertically into two parts at the pedal area; this folding feature makes it better than the other machines of this class. The RW200 is comparatively heavier than the other machines in this class so you need to be careful till you get used to the unpacking and assembly.

The innovative Space saver design given to this product by NordicTrack is a revolution in the gym machine designs. The company has patented it to store the machine vertically you need to hold the handles and lift. The machine can then be folded and clipped.

2. Air resistance system and mechanism.

The heart of the machine is its Air resistance system. This system generates the resistance against which you work throughout your workout. Also, this system generates a cool air while you exercise. The intensity of the flow of air depends on how fast the machine is being run and the resistance set. Higher resistance corresponds to a higher air flow rate. Your drive and determination will act as the machine’s lubricant…the faster you row, the greater resistance.

The system offers 10 levels of resistance to choose from the best part is that the fan does not produce noise. It is the quietest machine in its class. The earlier rowers made a lot of noise. Even the volume of TV would need to be increased to hear.
To use the air resistance system during the workout you need to set the resistance as per your training level. The resistance can be changed easily on the display screen. The resistance levels 1 to 4 are good for a beginner’s training while the advanced trainers get to choose the resistance between 4 and 10.

The NordicTrack rower is an air resistance rower. The rower has a fan which is attached to a flywheel. When the handle is pulled a flywheel rotates at the front of the machine. As the flywheel moves it sucks the air inside and creates a resistance for the rower to work against. This flywheel makes the attached fan move with it. The faster the flywheel moves the faster the wind flows. The resistance has to be set before the workout and can be changed anytime during the course of the training.

The level 1 setting on this rower allows minimum air to flow into the flywheel. A lesser amount of air entering the flywheel housing would create less resistance for the flywheel movement. This would require a less effort to move the flywheel. While level 10 setting resists the motion of the fly wheel by allowing a lot of air to enter and consequently you have to exert more to row. The NordicTrack RW200 is a variable air resistance rower. It is advised for High-Intensity Interval Training.

3. Pedals.
The pedals have been designed beautifully, keeping the movement of the ankle joint in mind. The pedals do not hinder the natural motion of the ankle joint rather adjust to it pretty well The pedals move about a hinge such that they correspond to the movement of the feet. This keeps the fatigue away. The standard size of the pedal is large enough to accommodate any shoe size. Also, to keep the contact between the pedal and your feet firm we have nylon straps. The straps are made up of high-quality material. The straps are one of the essential components of this machine because if the straps are not tied properly the form of your exercise gets disturbed. The pedals of the RW200 are made up of a superior quality plastic with a layer of soft plastic on the upper end. This ensures that leg movement would not be tiresome for the ankles.

4. Performance Display.

The performance display screen is made up of a very high-quality material and is backlit by a blue light. It turns on automatically the moment rowing begins. It displays calorie count, distance covered, workout time, watts and strokes per minute. The watt meter shows the readings throughout your training. There is an adjustable angle control so whether you are short or tall, you can see your stats from any viewpoint. The sole purpose of this is so that this machine can be used for all members of the household.
The machine has 20 built in fitness programs to choose from. These programs have been designed with professionals and have been classified into two training categories calorie burn training and watt training. Each program shows the target to be achieved in order to continue with the workout. The targets are shown in form of the blinks on the target meters. If you fail to match the target, you would get notified by the monitor.
The display screen can be adjusted to match different heights. The on-screen display does not have to rely on the batteries. An adapter can be plugged in to provide power to the display.

The rower can be run on the manual mode. Here the resistance would depend on the intensity of the pull exerted on the handle. This adds to the flexibility in the usage of the rower.

The display monitor is big in size but its display area is small. The only thing missing in the console is the heart rate tracking system. These days a heart rate tracker is common in all high-end models.

The display has been divided into three parts. – Upper display: This part shows the Watt reading. – Middle display: This part shows the time and the distance. – Lower display: this part shows the calories burnt.

5. Seat and Handle.
NordicTrack has taken a good care of the ergonomics of the rowers. The machine shall be comfortable to use for the rowers as tall as 7 feet. The handles have been covered with a high-quality cushion. The orientation of the handles is such that they support a healthy motion of the body. NordicTrack has managed to rise up the seat making it a friendly machine for the people facing the knee ailment.
The position of the seat is such that long hours of exercise would not cause pain in your back. The seats are made up of the steel rails and have been deliberately oversized. So if you have a big body structure or enjoy being comfortable, NordicTrack has made this machine for you.

As per the company claims, NordicTrack RW200 has been designed to seat a person weighing 115 kilograms but the material of the machine is such that a heavier person can also train on this machine.

The seat slides smoothly on the rail without making any noise. The assembly is such that the rail of the seat would never hinder the motion and would stay quiet and smooth even on heavy use.

6. Dimensions and Weight.
Dimensions after assembly are (L*W*H) = (85.0 x 22.0 x 43.5) inches. The weight of the machine is around 105Ibs (48 kg).

7. Assembly.
NordicTrack RW200 gains an edge over its competent in its assembly. You would not take more than half an hour to assemble the machine. Attaching the Display monitor and the seats would be the only assembly tasks required after unpacking however the product can be further dismantled if required. Assembly would require screwdrivers and wrenches.

8. Price.
The price of this product may vary depending on the company offers. The other products in this price category do not have advanced features like built-in music system and superior display. This is where the NordicTrack RW200 shines vs competitive brands. It can range anywhere from $500-$1,400.

8. Entertainment.
Gone are the days when rigorous work out would mean exercising and just exercising throughout your workout. This idea sounds boring. The NordicTrack RW200 is the only product in its category which offers a high-end audio system. The audio console provides a provision for a 3.5mm jack. So any device with 3.5mm jack support can be plugged in using an audio cable. The volume can be increased or decreased using the buttons on the monitor.

9. Transportation.
The biggest issue with machines of this size is the movability. This machine has a perfect answer to this problem. The RW200 has two wheels mounted in the front which make it possible to drag the machine easily. If you need to transport your machine in a vehicle, it can easily fit in your vehicle – no trailer is required. Even a single person can drag this machine without exerting too much. This adds to the list of versatile features RW200 has.

10. Warranty.
The company offers a 5-year warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on the parts and labor. The 30-day money back guarantee would keep the customers on the safer side.

How to use the NordicTrack RW200

How to use NordicTrack RW200 Rowing Machine

Well, The NordicTrack RW200 comes with a manual and instructions but let me brief you about how to use the machine.

Step 1: The machine needs to be carefully unpacked. The packing weight of the machine is around 145 lbs. which is 40 lbs. more than the actual machine weight.
Step 2: The machine needs to be assembled. The assembly part would involve fixing the seat and the monitor only. The other parts of the machine usually come assembled in the packing. The assembly would require some basic tools like screw drivers. You won’t need to disassemble anything to enable the folding capabilities.
Step 3: After the assembly set the resistance and the workout type. Adjust the seat, clamp your feet with the nylon straps on the pedals and hold the handle.

  • The machine can be used to train your legs. The leg training would involve pushing the pedal while exerting the force by your thigh and calf muscles.
  • The machine can be used to train your biceps where only the handle would be pulled keeping your back straight and hips firm.
  • The complete rowing training would involve doing both the above steps together.

NordicTrack RW200 Rower in a Nutshell:

NordicTrack makes its debut into the segment of the rowers with all new NordicTrack RW200. This is equipment everyone would want to purchase. The machine is a complete package for your full body training. The machine looks elegant with a stunning style and is equipped with the best entertainment system. RW200 would be a tough competition to its rivals majorly because it is feature loaded. The lists of features, in short, are:
1. Adjustable resistance setting
2. Strong body
3. Entertainment system
4. Easy storage
5. Easy to assemble
6. IPod compatible audio system
7. 20 preset workout apps
8. Front mounted transport wheels
9. 5-year warranty

Above is the complete guide to one of the most advanced rowers in the market, the NordicTrack RW200. For all the Body builders and Gym enthusiasts, NordicTrack RW200 is the “NEW SCHOOL” rowing equipment. While there may not be a mini pill to help you achieve the V-Shape, if you play your cards right, using this machine can be a key tool in getting one.

Spare the too-good-to-be-true prices, biased reviews, and coupon or promotion deals. With the NordicTrack RW200 you will notice your clothes fitting better, body feeling stronger, and a better sense of self in as little as a few weeks! The NordicTrack RW200 is a must try.

Happy Rowing! 🙂

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Why NordicTrack Exercise Machines

NordicTrack is well-known and reputable for their home and exercise equipment including incline trainers, treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, skiers, stationary bikes, freestriders, wearables, and rowers.

ifit jillian michaelsNordicTrack and iFit

For the internet connected and interactive customer, adding iFit to your NordicTrack provides “smart fitness” insights to your home workout routine through training resources, custom workouts, real-time live stats tracking, and much more. If you choose to integrate iFit at an additional charge, each workout card offers specific exercises and automatically adjusts your machine’s speed and resistance.

You can even become a virtual pathfinder by enabling Google Maps – allowing explore through summit of Mont Blanc or the Cliffs of Moher. While the rowing module does not currently have this capability, some of NordicTrack’s other machines do such as their c900 treadmill, pathfinder elliptical, audiostrider, c2150 treadmill, and more.

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NordicTrack Credibility: Highly Rated for NordicTrack 1750 V Treadmill, NordicTrack Freestrider, and NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer and More.

In 2010, Runner’s World named the brand the “Biggest Bang For Your Buck”. After being acquired by Icon Health and Fitness in 1999, their machines are among some of the top selling worldwide. But, if you happen to have a personal discrepancy with NordicTrack or want to weigh other options, I’d also consider the following Rowers from these reputable brands: