Why Proper Rowing Form is Necessary for Safety and Results

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a gym or started up a workout program has probably read more than a few disclaimers.

On most machines and at the beginning of most fitness programs is a brief instructional guide on proper form. In some cases, personal trainers will continue to remind people of their form continuously to ensure they stay safe.

But form isn’t just important for avoiding injuries. Doing any exercise without the right technique can hinder a person’s results. It can lead to a person hindering themselves and not getting the most out of their exercise sessions.

Form is also exercise-specific and machine-specific. For example, anyone using a rowing machine needs proper rowing form. The angle of their arms and legs matters no matter their level of fitness.

Good rowing machine form makes it easier to target specific muscle groups and burn the maximum amount of calories. No one wants to waste their efforts when they work out. With the proper rowing machine form, anyone can get the most out of their exercise session.

Proper Rowing Form is Even and Well-Paced

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When a person decides to work on a rowing machine, there are a few steps they need to take to get into position. After sitting on the appropriate pad, they must adjust their position so their feet can reach the rests and their hands can reach the grips.

Fit man training on row machine in gym

Knees should be bent, and this sometimes requires a person to adjust the position of the seating pad in relation to the foot rest. After they’ve gotten into the proper position, the next step is to move back and pull the attached handle, emulating the motion of rowing a boat.

Good rowing machine form is even, with the individual bringing their arms and torso back while stretching their legs in the process. The key is a smooth, even movement where both the pull back and the return are down at a tempered, even pace.

Legs should also be straight, to help avoid tension on the knees and ankles from uneven positioning. The best rowing machines are adjustable for people of all body types, making it easy to get a comfortable but engaging workout that is both safe and effective.

How Better Form Provides Better Results

The rowing motion a person will make on a rower is the same one they’d make if they were actually using paddles to maneuver a boat.

The backwards pulling and movement of the arms helps work out the arms, core, and legs at the same time. But in order to get the most out of every row, it is important to make sure both arms are pulling  evenly on the handle and that the user isn’t jerking back instead of pulling back.

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Uneven motions can lead to some muscles being worked out more than others, while jerking back can rob the muscles of the full benefit of handling the resistance both on the pull back and the return. Both motions are important for building muscles safely and efficiently.

Knowing how to use a rowing machine with proper rowing form can make every session more exciting. The best workouts are the ones where people can feel their muscles working and see results soon after. Better form means a faster payoff, and this is something everyone appreciates when they exercise.

Rowing machine exercises are also known for their cardiovascular benefit. This means its possible to combine both speed and proper technique to burn more calories.

Proper Rowing Form is Speed-Neutral

When many people think of even and well-paced strokes on a rowing machine, they picture someone taking their time and stretching out each motion as much as possible.

But motions can still be even and controlled even if they’re performed at a higher rate of speed. Usually, those using a rowing machine will start out slow until they develop proper rowing form. After that, it becomes easier to maintain that form and go for more rows per minute, longer sessions, and even more total calories burned while using the rower.

Speed can be helpful during workouts, as it pushes the body harder and helps stimulate more resistance from muscle groups. Whether the user is hoping to shed some pounds, increase their arm strength, build up their chest and back, or do a combination of all the above, proper rowing form can be very helpful.

While it isn’t guaranteed that proper form will prevent all gym injuries, learning the correct form and performing at a slow pace first can reduce the chances a workout will harm the participant. Proper rowing form, once learned, can be applied to all successive sessions no matter how slow-paced or fast-paced they are.


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