Row Machine Overview

Rowing is considered best exercise for strengthening of all body muscles. It helps in weight loss as it sheds off extra fats from abdomen and pelvic region. Row machine is used for performing a huge variety of body exercises. Rowing machines are designed in such a way that they offer workouts for almost all body parts and the good thing is that they can also be used at home. Rowing machines has also become an important part of gym and physical fitness centers during the last few years just because of its advanced features and numerous health benefits.

General Features of Rowing Machine:

There are different types of rowing machines available in market. All of them have following general features:

Has Efficient Resistance System:

All the rowing machines have resistance system that offers resistance while performing workouts. The efficacy of rowing machine depends on adjustable resistance levels offered by rowing machines. Greater the resistance produced by machine the more will be rowing workout effectiveness. Some machine offer 5-6 adjustable resistance levels while latest machines are presenting 1-16 adjustable resistance levels to improve the proficiency of rowing machine workout. Efficient resistance system is central feature of rowing machine.

Has Performance Monitor:

Performance monitoring screen is also an important feature of rowing machine. Performance monitor displays time, speed, distance and calories burnt during a workout. It help user to track their performance and adjust workout timings accordingly.

Easy to Assemble:

Another feature of rowing machine is its easy assembly that hardly takes 20-30 minutes. Along with every machine a manual is given providing instruction for assembling machine.

Occupy Less Space and Light in Weight:

Rowing machines are usually light in weight and occupy less space. These both characteristics render rowing machines best for home use.

Are Available in Wide Range of Prices:

Rowing machines are available in wide range of prices. Their price range starts from $220-$1050. Because of wide range of prices people from different financial groups have equal opportunity to get benefit from this outstanding fitness equipment.

Easy Storage:

Most of the rowing machines have folding design for easy storage. You can easily fold the machine into two parts and store them. Fixed rowing machines are also available tin market suitable for use in gym etc where no storage is required.

No Maintenance Issues:

Another important feature of rowing machine is that it has no maintenance issues. In case any part is damaged spare parts are easily available in affordable prices. Moreover, manufacturing companies offer warranty of 2-5 years that facilitate customer to contact manufacturer’s in case of any maintenance issue.

Rowing machines has number of unique features that make it look apart from other rowing machines.

Things to Consider:

The best time to perform rowing workout is early in morning or late in evening when your stomach is empty. The positive effects of rowing workout increases manifold if rowing is done in these timings. Moreover, it is also recommended to drink water before or after half an hour of performing rowing workout to activate the metabolic system of body.

Pros and Cons of Rowing Workout:

Following are the pros and cons of rowing workout:



Rowing machine benefits overcome its cost so it is highly suggested using this machine for maintaining your fitness as it helps you to attain physical fitness and it also restrain you from various diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc. Thus, add rowing workout in your fitness regime and restore your health.