Rowing Machine vs a Stair Climber

Rowing Machine vs a Stair Climber

Whether you are trying to maintain or improve your health, there are several cardiovascular machines that can help you accomplish your fitness goals. Two of the best examples are the rowing machine and the stair climber.

The rowing machine is an apparatus which has two oar-like handles, a foot brace, and a sliding seat. It is constructed to provide the user with a varied range of motion and speed.

The stair climber, also known as a stepper, step machine, stairmaster, etc is a piece of exercise equipment designed to simulate the act of climbing stairs. The speed and steepness or elevation level can be adjusted as needed.

Both the rowing machine and stair climber can offer a path to better fitness. They have several health benefits in common:

• Improved heart and lung function
• Improves bone density
• Stress reduction
• Mood elevation
• Reduces the threat of cancer
• Better sleep
• Burns calories and reduces weight
• Increases energy levels

Selecting the best machine depends on the individual’s unique needs and goals. The pros, cons, and unique features of each should be considered before making a choice.

Rowing Machine Pros and Cons:

Benefits The rowing machine provides an aerobic workout for cardiovascular health while also toning all body parts. It is low impact and can be adjusted to the person’s physical ability. Though is a thorough workout; it is not necessarily exhausting.
• Fitness needs – Rowing machines are easy on the joints. It is also a piece of apparatus which is easily controlled, and a person can stop the routine without the threat of injury. The rowing machine in often recommended for those with some physical impairments and to be used when recovering from surgery or illness. Here are some great rowing workouts to consider (specific to NordicTrack but can be modified for other rowers as well).
• Cost – From $100 to $1000 with mid-range models around $400.
• Storage – Several models of rowing machines which can be separated into two pieces and stored in a closet or under a bed.
• Special features – Machines close to $400 and up have options to control the speed and intensity. Some machines also have mechanisms which will measure the heart rate; calories burned, and, of course, time the workout.
• Reviews – The overall reviews for all models and prices of rowing machines is very good. It appears that the average consumer knows you get what you pay for
• Brands:

  • NordicTrack – The Nordic Track RW 200 has all the features most people could need for about $600. It has adjustable pedals, an inertia flywheel, an oversized seat, and ergonomic handle. The backlit display features over 50 workouts, and it can handle up to 250 pounds.
  • Concept 2 If you need a very heavy-duty rower the Concept 2 Model D has a lot to offer for close to $1000. It has a 500-pound capacity and gives you complete data with every row. It is very high end and provides high performance. Concept 2 also provides less sophisticated models for around $400.

Stair Climber Pros and Cons:

• Benefits – The stair climber burns calories efficiently while toning and sculpting muscles. Fitness needs- Perfect for the serious athlete or those who want to get in shape
• Cost – Prices range from $50 for a portable to $2000 and more
• Storage – The compact rowing models are very easy to store, but the expensive machines with more features are stationary and not as convenient.
• Special features – While the portable models are convenient, the full-size models offer various routines and devices to measure heart rate, time spent, and calories burned.
• Reviews – The reviews for all the types and prices of the stair climbers are favorable. It is important to read about the features os you know what to expect.
• Brands:

Which Exercise Machine is Better?

The best machine needs to be determined by the health and fitness goals of the buyer. Consider the following pros and cons when making your decision:

Top 3 Pros of Rowing Machine

1. Easy on joints
2. Low-impact
3. Total body workout

Top 3 Cons of Rowing Machine

1. Learning curve for the rowing technique
2. Can’t be used if there are injuries or issues using limbs
3. Monotonous

Top 3 Pros of Stair Climber

1. Works both cardio and muscle
2. Improves balance
3. Monitors heart rate

Top 3 Cons of Stair Climber

1. Works only lower body
2. Not good for back problems
3. Monotonous

Before purchasing a piece of equipment, it is best to check with your doctor or healthcare professional to make sure it is a safe option for you. Don’t stop your comparison shopping here! Compare a rower to a treadclimber, strider, or spin machine.

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