Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine Review


Stamina is well known manufactures of health and fitness devices. They are famous for their quality products that are class apart from other products. Groups of professionals work day and night in manufacturing of stamina products. It is their hard work that every time stamina manufacturers comes up with latest high work ability product. If we particularly talk about stamina 1215 orbital rower machine then it is the best machine for those who are interested in restoring their health status and body weight through exercise. If you are interested in buying this product then here is review of stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine.

Technical Specifications of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine:

  • Product Manufacturers: Stamina manufacturers
  • Product name: Stamina 1215 Orbital rowing machine
  • Product Size:
  • Product length:48 inches
  • Product Weight:47
  • Weight Bearing ability:250lbs

Features of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine:

Following are the distinguishing features of stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine are as follows:

Adjustable Resistance System

Hydraulic cylinders are present is stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine that provides excellent resistance. The main aim behind establishing hydraulic system for resistance is to provide full body workout to user that can help him to lose weight fast. Its adjustable

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resistance systems allow people with different fitness levels to take maximum benefit from it.

5 levels Of Resistance

The effectiveness of a rowing machine highly depends on its resistance levels. Orbital rowing machine has 5 levels of resistance and the good thing is that even the easiest level of resistance is tough enough which ensures that you get maximum output from this machine. The first level is the most difficult level and even the professional fitness experts find it difficult. 5th level on the other hand is easier.

Has a Multifunction Monitor

Another great feature of orbital rower is its multifunctional monitor. This monitor helps you to keep track of your workouts which make it easier for you to stick with a specific schedule. The monitor not only calculates distance you have covered and speed with which you have done workout but it also calculates the number of calories burnt every day. You can also track the time spent on machine using this monitor.

Have adjustable Arms

This rowing machine has 2 arms both of which are adjustable. This means that you can set different resistance levels for each arm.

Light WeightedAnd Easy Storage

Unlike most other rowing machines, the orbital rower is light weighted which makes it easier to store. Its frame cannot be folded but you can easily fold its arms.

Thick Padded Seat

1215 Orbital rowing machine has thick padded seats which makes it highly comfortable. You can perform workouts for even longer time periods on this machine without getting uncomfortable.

Pros and Cons of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine:

Given below are the pros and cons of stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine.




Stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine is the best option for those who are looking for quality fitness machine for indoors within affordable prize. Its working involves the entire major muscles group at a time. It not only burn calories but also stop strengthens the cardiovascular system and muscles. In addition, number of customers has reduced 40-50 lbs weight within few months by regular use of

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are you waiting for? Buy stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine as it is worth buying product that helps you lose weight fast.

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