Tips for Buying Rowing Machines for Home Use

If you are searching for such an exercise machine that offer workouts for all body parts then you must buy rowing machine. As you are not aware of this machine and its features so it may be difficult for you to buy a quality product at reasonable price. Here is an easy guide for people who are interested in buying rowing machine for home gym. Considering following tips will help you a lot in buying quality machine.

Tips for Buying Rowing Machines for Home Use:

Following are the tips for buying rowing machine for home:

Price Range:

First tip for buying rowing machine is to set a price range before buying. If you want to use machine on regular basis, set aside reasonable amount of money so that you can buy quality product.

Folding vs. Fixed:

There are two types of rowing machines for home use; one is folding type and other is fixed type. Folding type rowing machines occupy less space while fixed machines are space consuming. According to user experience fixed machines are more durable but for indoor use folding machine are usually preferred. So, predefine which type of rowing machine you want to buy fixed or folding.

Select Type of Rowing Machine:

Type of rowing machine is another important thing to consider while buying rowing machines for home use or outdoor use. There are majorly three types of rowing machine on basis of resistance system water, air, hydraulic and magnetic rowing machines.

Water Rowing Machine:

In water rowing machine water pressure is used to provide resistance. These rowing machines are very smooth in action and provide excellent resistance. However, these are heavier than normal machines and need more maintenance as the water present in cylinders need to be changed after regular intervals.

Air Rowing Machine:

In air rowing machine flywheels are used to provide resistance. Air rowing machines have efficient resistance system .One disadvantage of air rowing machine is that it produces loud noise when operated.

Hydraulic Rowing Machine:

In hydraulic rowing machines cylinders filled with oil are used for producing resistance. These machines are light in weight and easy to store. Thus, these are best for home use.

Magnetic Rowing Machine:

Magnets are used in magnetic rowing machines for offering adjustable resistance. These machines are noise efficient and light in weight. It offers adjustable resistance system that makes rowing operation more effective. If you are looking for high quality product that provides you excellent resistance then magnetic rowing machine is best option for you.

All above mentioned are the basic types of rowing machines. Select the type with which you are comfortable.

Check The Rower, Seat and Sliding Track:

Another important tip for buying rowing machines for home use is checking of rowers. Rowers should be made of durable material and must have strong grip to facilitate rowing operation. In addition, the length of slide track and seat material also matters. Better check these things before actual buying to make sure you buy durable product. Having trial of machine also help in taking decision so give it trial.

Prefer Quality Brands:

Always prefer quality when it comes to buying rowing machine. As quality brand machines have unique features and are more reliable than ordinary machines. Following is the list of quality manufacturing brand that produce rowing machines. Before buying made sure your machine is

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manufactured by any of these companies:

  • Concept 2
  • Stamina
  • Velocity Fitness
  • Kettler
  • Schwinn
  • First Degree Fitness
  • HCl Fitness
  • Roger Black
  • Body Structure
  • York


Usually the manufacturing companies give warranty for at least 2 years on their product. Buy such rowing machine that is warranted. So, in case you find any maintenance issue you can easily contact the company.

These are some general tips that you should consider while buying rowing machines for home use.