About Us

Welcome to Rowing Reviews Hub, your number one source on the web for information about rowing machines!

Our website was started by a team of fitness enthusiasts and fitness industry professionals who saw a need for solid, unbiased reviews of rowing machines. The good news is that there is no shortage of online reviews for rowing machines. The bad news is that very few of these reviews are based on reliable research and experience using rowing machines.

Here at Rowing Reviews Hub, we spend countless hours and do exhaustive research on the machines we review. We comb internet forums, company websites, and e-commerce sites for reviews from real people and actual users of the machines we review. 

In many cases, we also test the machines ourselves. As fitness enthusiasts, we are well aware of what other fitness enthusiasts want and need in a rowing machine. 

Here is an example of our review process:

  1. Narrowed focus on machines that are available online so that we can see customer reviews

  2. Make lists of the top features a good rowing machine must have

  3. Allocate points to each machine on the basis of the above research

The fact is, good rowing machines aren’t cheap. They are major purchases for most people. Having reliable information before buying them is essential for making the most informed decision about which machine best suits your needs. 

Rowing machines are some of the best home exercise options out there and have many benefits.

Easy to use

Provides full-body activity

Increases stamina and strength

Helps with muscle toning

Works to help you be more flexible overall

Effective for people of all ages and fitness levels

With these benefits, it’s hard to go wrong with a rowing machine as long as you do your research and choose the best one for you and your family. 

Lastly, we want to hear from you. If you have any questions or content recommendations, please drop a comment on one of our articles or send a private message to the team. 

Meet the Team

Emerson Chaney

Chief Editor 

Even in high school, I was focused on fitness, health, and nutrition, and I was an athlete and a cheerleader. Being fit and in good health was important to me then and still is to this day.  

For my high school writing project as a senior, I wrote a 2,500-word piece on the importance of fitness for teenagers. I got a lot of recognition and praise for this paper, and it built my confidence as a writer. In college, I studied fitness, nutrition, and writing. 

After working as the promotional writer for a fitness magazine, I was asked to come on board here at Rowing Reviews Hub.

Feel free to contact me a echaney@rowingreviewhubcom.com

Reuben Watkins bio picture

Reuben Watkins

Junior Editor

I honed my writing and editing skills by studying one of the greatest writers of all time: William Shakespeare. After earning a degree in English Literature with an emphasis on Shakespeare’s work, I actually taught a couple of writing workshops at a community college. 

I have more than 10 years of experience writing about the beauty and fitness industries, and in the last year, have evolved into the role of overseeing other writers and helping them to become experts in writing about these topics. I assist our Chief Editor in overseeing the content that’s produced here at Rowing Reviews Hub.

Contact me at rwatkins@rowingreviewshubcom.com

Diane Clemens bio picture

Diane Clemens

Health and Fitness Expert

When I was a child, my family discovered that I had Type 1 Diabetes. A lifetime of having to be cognizant about the food I put in my mouth made me very aware of just how important nutrition and fitness is. Being physically fit can play a huge role in the health of a diabetic.

When I went to college, I decided to pursue a degree in fitness and nutrition.

While working on my degree, I did an internship in my college’s athletic department, and that gave me invaluable experience helping people find the exercise program that works best for them. Helping people to be healthier is my passion and my life’s mission.

If you have any questions contact me at dclemens@rowingreviewhubcom.com