Our Favorite Workout Planner Templates – Simple And Advanced

Workout Planner Template

META: We've cut through the clutter and found the best workout planner templates to get you started toward reaching your fitness goals.

Getting in shape and staying fit requires time, effort, and setting goals. The goals you set for yourself dictate the time and effort needed to reach the finish line. The hardest part is getting started. Everyone is launching a new workout program or diet on Monday or New Year's Day. Those days roll around, and we choose new excuses to put it off a little longer or until next Monday.

Gyms are intimidating if you don’t know what to do or how to use the machines. The day you sign up for your membership everyone is friendly and helpful. When you return to exercise, no one offers to help or even looks at you. At that point, many people walk out of the gym and never return when all they needed was a starting point. So, where do you start?

You could hire a personal trainer. Most gyms employ at least one trainer or offer classes. You’re already paying for a gym membership and adding a trainer on top of it gets expensive quickly. If you can afford a trainer, that is the best option since they will show you what to do and set you up with an exercise program. All you have to do is follow the guide.

A less expensive option is to develop your program yourself. There are several excellent resources online to help you get started. YouTube is your guide on how to use the machines at the gym and how to use free weights to perform various exercises. Next, find a workout planner template and start putting together your workout plan.

We put together this list of workout planner templates to help you get started. The internet is full of getting fit quickly and lose weight fast scams. Weeding out the bad from the good is challenging. Luckily, we put in most of the work for you. The templates listed below are our top picks that are easy to understand, printable, and most of them are free in exchange for your email.

This template is one of the most complete models we found. It's designed well and explained well which is a real timesaver. Examples are included with the PDF when you download it.

According to the website, this is one of the few workout planner templates reviewed by a healthcare professional. It is free if you are willing to give the website your name and email address. Check your email afterward for the confirmation email and download link.

This website offers nine versions of its workout logs. The three versions of it come in a regular, simple, or superset version. They don't come with any type of instruction or guide. We recommend using Google to find a good workout routine that is aligned with your goals. After that, use YouTube to figure out how to do each exercise, and you're all set.

This is a log rather than a workout planner template. It comes with some great information on living a healthier lifestyle, and it's simple to use. This log helps keep you active instead of developing an exercise routine that is gym centric. If your goal is to build muscle, this is not the template you want to use, but it works great for increasing daily activity levels.

This workout planner template comes with complete instructions and sample workouts. It helps you set goals, plan your nutrition, and plan your workouts. They are included with the book help you log everything you do to make sure you're following your plan. After all, consistency is the key to the game.

It's not a PDF or one-page log. It's a book filled with advice, planning guides, and much more. You can order one from the website for $29.99 and enjoy a 30-day risk-free trial. It's backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee.

This is one of the most complete fitness planners and logs we found. For $4.86 you get a zip file with the planner inside. Unzip it and print it out to get started. It covers every possible aspect of planning your fitness journey from sleep and water intake to planning and logging your workouts. Like most workout templates, it relies on your ability to search Google and YouTube for exercises.

This 12-week journal and planner is perfect for your gym bag. It comes with a free app to help you set goals and get started right away. Plan your workouts and nutrition then log it all in this great little book. Order it from Amazon for $22.97. It comes with a lot of help and ideas to get you started, but your workout ideas and exercises are your responsibility. Use Google and YouTube to square away that part.

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This little gem is great for logging your progress using their online programs or your routines. Most of their workout programs are around $10, so it's not very expensive to get started on a basic program. This book is available from their website or on Amazon for $8.99. You can use their online workout templates or plan your own. The book works great for either method. 





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We like all the workout templates, guides, and logs we listed here, but this one is arguably the best one. It’s affordable on Amazon for $14.99, and it’s packed with templates, logs, and examples. It also includes guides for measuring body fat, estimating muscles mass, and graphics to illustrate each task. Its creators are fitness professionals which adds to its appeal.  





Tips to get the Most Out of Your Workout Template

If you are going to use a workout planner template, you need to understand how to put a workout together that fits your goals. Losing weight or building muscle is simple if you plan ahead and understand how your body works.

If your goal is more activity and not an actual workout, you don't need a template. Just spend about thirty minutes walking on the treadmill four days a week. An exercise bike or brisk walk works too.

If your goal includes building muscle, don’t overdo it. Split your workouts into muscle groups. Experts agree that overworking muscles is harmful and slows down results. Don’t skip rest days because you are in a hurry. Your muscles need rest days to repair and grow. A simple workout split looks like this:

  • Day 1: Back and Abs
  • Day 2: Arms
  • Day 3: Legs and Abs
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Chest
  • Day 6: Shoulders and Abs
  • Day 7: Rest

Using one of the workout planner templates above, spend a little time on Google searching for exercises for each muscle group. Aim for at least three exercises per muscle group to get you started. Find some videos on each exercise movement, so you know you are doing them correctly. Log everything including the weight you used and how many sets and reps you accomplished.

Some of the templates above use a different muscle group split. Our example of which muscles to work and the days to work them is an example. If the planner wants you to use a different method, try it their way. You may need to test out a few methods to find the one your body responds to the best. Don’t forget to change your routine every few weeks.

Personal trainers agree that a fit and healthy body is developed through regular exercise, but it's built in the kitchen. Nutrition and exercise are equally important to any fitness program.

Your muscles need food that provides energy to get you through the day plus protein to repair your muscles on rest days. While you're researching exercises and weightlifting programs, take the time to learn about nutrition and add it to your goals and routines.


Each workout planner we reviewed is unique. Some are very simple while others cover every aspect of a workout from food to rest periods. Choose one that fits your goals. We cannot stress how important goals are to your fitness success.

The free planners are the best place to begin until you understand exercise and nutrition a little better. Once you have a good idea of how it all works, we suggest investing in one of the booklets for a complete experience.

Getting started is the hardest part of any lifestyle change. These workout planner templates are a great way to get started setting goals and realizing those goals. They won’t work if you aren’t honest with yourself. Set tough goals, but don’t set goals you can’t reach. That ends in surrender. However, nothing will work if you don’t get started.

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